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Arriving next week to our workshop, 4 man cab slant back 6.5 turbo 4 speed, needs doors and checks, we can do the work for you if you need, as is price £22,000

Full rnage of M998 Hunvees to pick from. depending on your reqiaments from a 2 cab pick up to a 4 man cab with soft top and doors to a hard top combination. 2.2 and 6.5L 3 speed and 4 speed box all Automatic starting from £15,000.

Basic Humvee eaxample of how they come in before we work on them, this is the base modle with engine check etc ready to ship as it is, 4 cab 6.2L 3 speed automatic with original low back 4 seats and nor doors, canvas roof £17,000

Basic modle with engine and michanics chceck 6.2L 3 speed low or high back seats with canvas roof and new softskin doors good tred running and driving full Nova and Title ready for the UK. Seatbelts etc fitted. £23,000

Plus modle, taking the basic running check, repainted outside and in, new canvas set top and sides, mirrors, running with oils and coolant checked and changed, seat belts, Nova and Title. this is our top selling Humvee at £25,000

Top of the range, full hard top sloping back and hard X doors fulling painted and chached, running with all oils and fluids checked and changed, new seats, Nova and tilte reday for UK £35,000

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