Restoration of a Willys or Ford Jeep

The first thing  you need to do before you buy your restoration is to think how you want to do this project and how much you want to spend, you may want a complete restoration or just a fixer uper or something that is running and just needs TLC, but all will need money spent on your project, the question is how much do you want to spend. If you want a restoration, we always tell our customers to look for a jeep that has all the running gear and as much as a complete engine as possible first, the other items like jeep tub are secondery to the overall project, if you have most of the engine and running gear we are set, you can work on the tub later or even replace it all together, in fact you can buy everything you need for your project through a number of Jeep part supplyers or ourselves. Another area to look for is the chassis numbers found on the front chassis arm as a plate rivited on the Willys or a number stamped on the chassis for the Ford, the other ares is the glove box lid as this area has data plates on it but it is very hard to find an original matching data plate with the chassis number but you can replace the data plates as you work on your project.

Here is a great example of two jeeps that we brought as restoration projects and spend 3 years on to bring back to life using as much as the original jeep as we could and replacing or adding New old stock or repro parts from the suppliers, our projects cost us £6,500 for the jeep and another £4-£5,000 on the parts. half the fun was doing the project, in 2014 we took them over to Normady fo the 70th Anniversary of D-Day.

Here is a basic Humvee almost as we get them in with some basic checks to make sure it is machanically ok, and is our most popular due to the price. This basic modle can be made in to whatever config you want depending on budget, it takes between 5-8 weeks to arrve in to the UK and can then be picked up from us or we can arrnage shipping to your door.

This is a great upgrade from the basic, we check the basic Humvee running etc, then clean and repaint inside and out, new seats and seatbelts new soft top, back curtine and doors, new wing mirrors etc.

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