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1942 GPW Ford running with ww2 GPW Ford Engine T84 seats in olive drab has French tub on it top hats rusted as normal but a very nice starter jeep £16,000

1945 GPW Ford with Ford engine runs but is missing starter and some bits in engine bay combats still in original olive drab looks rough but a nice project £9,200

1943 MB Willys MB engine stuck though T84 looks stright seats all three nice project £8,500 plus we do have another engine £500.

1945 GPW Ford matching numbers to chassis and engine T84 runs and has seats tub is rough but ok and can be worked on great find good project £9,200

1943 Willys MB with MB engine and 4 gear box, surface rust, floors good, chassis solid with chassis tag, glove box plates are on, all dials, missing bumper and had a welded bar put on, good little project, Nova for UK £7,000

1944 Willys MB, chassis tag but No glove box tags, missing engine and needs work to floor and sides, neds back panel and top hats but the tub can be saved with work, T84 in place, ront legs are bent due to a hit in the front and again can be fixed, we have a replacment engine. nice project at £6,500

1942 Ford GPW CJ engine block running good tub T84 carb not correct converted to 12V, big bumper now been taken off. £8,500

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